Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation

The Rehabilitation Matrix provides practitioners to individuals, athletes, teams and sporting organisations. Sports Rehabilitators seek to understand the cause of sporting injury by using several comprehensive assessment strategies such as clinical diagnosis techniques, biomechanical analysis and functional movement screening to unearth the root of the injury not just treat the symptoms. Usually the sports rehabilitator works at the mid to late stage of rehabilitation of injury by using the most innovative and evidenced based training methods. The sports rehabilitator also uses a plethora of sports science methods to enhance successful sporting performance by using a range of scientific methods such as athletic profiling, biofeedback analysis, sports psychology assessment, nutritional screening as well as many other evidence based methods.

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Team Training Camps

Our practitioners have worked with Olympic gold medallists and professional athletes for over two decades. We provide professionals who get results. We use several scientific methods to profile our athletes so we can measure everything from sports specific strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. By measuring domains of fitness correctly and precisely and in a way, that can be repeatedly measured we can then provide training methods to improves these domains of fitness.


Accredited Training Courses

The Rehabilitation Matrix provides accredited training courses and continued progressive development (CPD) courses to health professionals such as physiotherapists, sports therapists, sports scientists and sports medical professionals. We are affiliated to the Registry of Exercise professionals based in the United Kingdom.